production readiness

Production readiness means for purchasing, supply on time for supplier or plant. Reasons for supply problems are (change the production place, new supplier, new parts, new production line, new plant , supply problems of a sub supplier). Big Companies have a Production Readiness Team, which send out as a task foce team tofind  solve problems in the outside . Through a production start not in time or other start problems every year a lot of lost of money and aditional costs. Often first recognize the problems,  when can help the kurier driver only. Using a production readiness team in time and you will save a lot of money and costs, aditional cost and trouble (regress cost of the costumer). The projectleade must see first when he work after VDA lines, if a project out of time. The best solution is to include a production readiness team dirctly in the project. For small companies is a own team to expensive and uneffectiv. A good solution are external private worker  and Engineers. But not only for small companies is this a good solution, its also a good complement for existing teams in bottleneck situations.