interim purchasing director
  • You can not afford a good purchasing department, take over the work to a external office. Save personal costs and have a good negotiation position through bundled purchase volumes compare of big concerns and be independent in your purchase decisions ! Examples are raw materials (as.: plastics granulates, metals, gas, paints and any more). In difference to a big trader  you only decide about your stock, you are independent and pay only for the purchase service and you have not any additional material costs.
  • Order of non production material and control the stock - reduce the sub work of your staff personal, witch need a lot of time
  • Have experience purchase and quality manager for negotiations on your side!
  • Partners in difference continents realize a high flexibility and fast reaction. Save travel  costs and  time. Already at the morning of the next day you have the results and reports. Especially as a small company you can find a strong global position and have a good financially position as a lean management with fast decisions.